Woman wearing "staff" shirt

This course is designed for new and returning SFSP sponsor staff and is a part of the 3-step annual training requirement for all sponsors.

Sponsors must successfully complete the following steps prior to the application approval in CNPweb:

  1. Complete the SFSP Training 2024 (IDE-178).
  2. Participate in a virtual or in-person SFSP Program Update Session.
  3. Complete the annual Civil Rights Training 2024 (IDE-150).

DISCLAIMER: This training does not cover any Non-congregate (NC) Meal Service operations or requirements. Sponsors that are eligible and plan to operate NC Meal Service (meal pick-up or home delivery model), must complete additional training as specified by the state agency.
If you have any questions, please contact the IDOE Office of School and Community Nutrition.

ide-171 logoSponsors must keep full and accurate records so that they can substantiate the number of program meals that they have submitted at each claim for reimbursement.  And, that SFSP funds are used only for allowable SFSP costs. This course will discuss recordkeeping requirements for sponsors including meal counts, program costs, monitoring, and training. Participants will learn and appreciate the importance of complete, well organized, and accurate records in the SFSP.

ide-172 logoSFSP sponsors who administer the SFSP have a strong commitment to the wellbeing of the children in their community.  They want to serve meals to not only increase quality but to attract children to summer food sites.  However, the purchasing of food, goods, and supplies can sometimes be a challenging process.  This course will explore the options for buying meals in the SFSP, procurement methods, and the purchasing of local foods to maximize SFSP operations.

ide-173 logoThe budget is the key to understanding the financial side of the SFSP. The SFSP budget helps sponsors establish goals, make decisions, and understand how program funds are generated and spent.  Participants will explore the biggest expenses and sources of revenue in the SFSP and evaluate those against their budget to measure the effectiveness of their program operations.  Stay on track and build a successful summer meals program!

ide-174 logoOffering meals for the SFSP is a great way to ensure that children have access to meals in the summer months. But how do sponsors make sure that people are aware of SFSP sites? How do sponsors attract children and parents to summer meal sites?  There are many forms of promotion and marketing that can help sponsors gain exposure. This course will discuss different ways to reach children and families by exploring forms of marketing and creative programming to build awareness and increase participation in the SFSP.

ide-175 logoSponsors participating in the SFSP agree to maintain the storage, preparation, and service of food with proper sanitation and health standards in ordinance with all state and local health laws and regulations.  Understanding the proper food safety practices is essential to a successful summer meals site to ensure that the food children consume is safe and to eliminate the risk of a foodborne illness. This course will promote important food safety practices including good personal hygiene, food temperature and storage, and proper cleaning and sanitizing of foods and surfaces. Help keep kids safe and food fresh during the summer months!

ide-176 logoHelping children get the nutrition they need for health and growth is what summer meals are all about. Creating appealing menus can help kids fuel up, have fun, and get the nutrition they need for growth and good health. This course will explore many ways sponsors can plan menus that kids will enjoy such as using local fruits and vegetables, adding variety and color, and making healthy meals fun!

A winning meal is the key to getting great attendance and keeping kids coming to your site all summer long. While SFSP has its special challenges, in this hour our course, participants will explore exciting menu options for cold meals and hot meals. Participants will learn the SFSP meal pattern and then discover how much creativity and flexibility it has to build the best meal pattern for their needs.