Woman wearing "staff" shirt This course is designed for new and returning SFSP sponsor staff, and is a part of the 3-step training requirement for each sponsor. Sponsors must complete the following steps prior to the application approval in the CNPweb: (1) complete the SFSP Training 2022 (IDE-100), (2) participate in a virtual SFSP Technical Assistance (TA) Session led by a field specialist and (3) complete the annual Civil Rights Training 2021-2022 (IDE-150). If you have questions, please contact State Agency SFSP staff.

ide-171 logoLearn important keys to complete, well-organized and accurate SFSP recordkeeping.

ide-172 logoReview all procurement methods and meal purchasing options, including buying local.

ide-173 logoExplore how to put together a program budget and evaluate your expenses and revenues against your budget.

ide-174 logoDiscover new ways of creative marketing and programming to increase your SFSP participation.

ide-175 logoReview all food safety practices to keep kids safe and food fresh during hot summer months.

ide-176 logoUnderstand ways to improve menu quality and create a cycle menu that includes great variety.

Learn about SFSP meal pattern and explore menu options for both, hot and cold meals.

Program institutions and facilities receiving federal financial assistance are required to comply with federal civil rights laws to ensure all Child Nutrition participants have equal access to all benefits and services.  This course will review Civil Rights regulations, and provide all information necessary to ensure that your program is in compliance with these requirements.